Fabrication Parts in Revit are great, but they need some help. One of the things they don’t do yet is break automatically as you lay them out. There is a built in tool to break them after the fact, but often it creates a domino effect because we didn’t coordinate with the connectors to begin with. It’s important to know where our short joints and couplings are landing. Below is a short demonstration of the “Auto Segment” tool included in the VDC REVIT Beta.

With either tool, you may occasionally end up with two short segments that seem out of place. This will happen wherever the remaining gap is too small for the Minimum Straight. Even if the Minimum Straight is set to zero, Gasket Allowance alone can be too long for the remaining gap. When this happens, Revit wants to stay connected so instead of inserting a full Straight with an open end, the gap is split between two Straights. A manual adjustment is required here if we want to make up the difference.

This is just one of many reasons why it can be a bad idea to “Optimize Lengths” after a system has been routed. Adding connectors and couplings automatically as we design is a far more efficient work flow. It helps to notify us when issues like these occur.

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