Built on the Fabrication MEP Engine, Virtual Mechanical leverages and extends Autodesk Fabrication features and functionality, turning your Revit MEP workstation into a POWERFUL MEP design build platform. Virtual Mechanical is under continuous development and is constantly improving! Questions, comments, suggestions and bug reports are tremendously appreciated! Please direct any or all of the above to SUPPORT@MICLOGIC.COM.


  1. I found this through Xtracad while seeking a way to auto number MEP Fab. ductwork in Revit. This works very well. Thank you for the offering.


  2. I like what you’ve done for the fab part side of things. The only suggestion I would ask is a prefix/suffix area for the renumbering tool. Other than that it’s a great plugin. Thanks


  3. KJ, that is a good question and one that gets asked quite often. The short answer is yes, there is a prefix and suffix parameter that the software maintains. The Item Number parameter and the prefix/suffix parameters can be combined through standard Revit methods, and can of course be used in tags, schedules, and filters.

    The long answer is that the Numbering Tool uses an advanced sorting feature exclusive to VM. It is extremely useful and really sort of mitigates most reasons we had to add prefixes and suffixes to begin with. For example it can sort all of our coil joints first then all of our machine cut joints. This can also be combined with a gauge sort. There are many options, connector type, material, fittings, liner… In this way we can set up our fab shop so that they are not constantly swapping out the coil of metal on the decoiler, or constantly switching between a lined and unlined workflow, for example. Please check out my “What is in a Number” dev blog post on the topic. Adding a prefix/suffix to the Item Number parameter directly would break this numerical sorting, and so this will likely not be added. What we can do however is allow the prefix/suffix parameters to be edited directly in the VM Number Parts Dialogue, or perhaps a separate tool for setting these parameters would be better?

    In any case I understand that these are Revit parameters and will not be transferred with an MAJ file directly. A Fabrication Custom Data tab is planned to be added to the VM Fabrication Properties Palette in a future update.


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