Much of our Fabrication Data in Revit is inaccessible and in many cases, it doesn’t exist at all. VDC REVIT aims to change all of that, exposing your vital Fabrication Data to Tags, Schedules, Filters, Calculations… Virtually any Data you would otherwise expect from native Family Elements.

Here are some examples of  “Auto Parameters” that will be available in the upcoming VDC REVIT Beta. The “Item Type” Auto Parameter designates the type of Fabrication Part, such as Straight, Fitting, Hanger, Tap, Coupling or Weld. The “Dims” Parameter holds all visible dimensions and their values in CSV format. The Room, Space and Area Parameters automatically detect which Spatial Elements they are contained within, making your Items aware of where they exist in your Model. Please feel free to comment below and let me know what other Fabrication Data you would like to see here!


Auto Parameters are optional, of course. You can toggle Auto Parameters from the VDC REVIT Ribbon Tab. Alternatively, simply toggling Auto Parameters on and off again will update these values for all Fabrication Items as needed.

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