Thanks for trying out the VDC CAD BETA for CADmep 2019/2020! Questions, comments, suggestions and bug reports are tremendously appreciated! Please direct any or all of the above to SUPPORT@MICLOGIC.COM.



3 thoughts on “VDC CAD BETA

  1. Hi Steven.

    The item properties and apply parameters is solid gold mate. Renumber tool is a bit random. Sequence is currently showing 1,2,2,3,5,1,2,2,2,4.
    The VDC Dimensions parameters, personally i would prefer for these to be separated. This would allow for tagging to be much easier and customisable to any company standards.


  2. Craig, thanks again for your help. There is currently a bug with the way Revit handles Straights. I have some code in place to help fix this but clearly it’s not working in all cases. I will look into this. If you can, shoot me an email with just that misnumbered run.

    I totally agree about the dimensions. I’m thinking they need to split up into categories, ie Straignt In, Straight Out, Offset, Length etc. We could make a new Parameter for every existing Dimension but I’m afraid that might get long and cumbersome. What do you think?


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